Max outside diameter = 600 mm
Max inside diameter = 350 mm
Max Length = 700 mm
Max Bar Loader Diameter = 70 mm
Max through spindle = 105 mm


Table measures X Y = 630 x 630 mm
Machining area X Y Z = 800 x 800 x 800 mm
Max part weigth = 500 Kg
4 axes


Hanval Metall OÜ was founded in 1992 during the economical correction and privatization process, which dominated in Estonia these days. We had to find the advantages from the environment we were doing business in. The management, based on their graduated production skills and experience, decided to start subcontracting business as the most suitable for the resources Hanval had. During the privatization process the metal works, production of agricultural machinery and hydraulics seemed to have the best competitive advantage in Estonian machining industry. CNC machining was selected as Hanval’s way.

People in the company have skills for both conventional and CNC machines. The majority of Hanval Metall’s production has been related with details for filtration and hydraulic machinery. We have experience in working as well stainless steel and as well aluminium and other soft metals.

We try to offer to our customers as flexible delivery times as possible. We work with Lean manufacturing principles with our long-term customers. Anyway, depending on the nature of business the actual delivery time has been between 1 week up to 2 months.

At the moment Hanval Metall export ratio is 60% from turnover.